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Within this captivating illustration, Makima, a prominent figure in the manga series Chainsaw Man, is depicted exuding an undeniable sense of authority and enigma. As the esteemed leader of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, she commands attention while seated regally in a luxurious leather chair. Her attire, consisting of a crisp white shirt paired with a sleek black tie, enhances her image of professionalism and influence. Her fiery red hair cascades down her back like a vibrant waterfall, framing a face that holds a gaze hinting at concealed mysteries, partially veiled in enigmatic shadows. A subtle yet significant detail is the bandage encircling her chest, suggesting a hidden vulnerability beneath her formidable facade, adding depth to her multifaceted character.

Created: 30/01/2024

Source: Chainsaw Man

Character: Makima

Software: Krita 5.2*

*might not be accurate